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  • We have many different choices for backgrounds, Hi-Key (white), Low-Key (Black), Brown Muslin and Green Screen which provides hundreds of more options! To see some of the green screen options click on Background Choices and then watch the slideshow (you may also view them in thumbnail form)
  • There are many portrait examples in the Gallery.
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  • If you have any questions please feel free to click Contact Us, and either send us an E-mail from the form provided or give us a call at 504-218-7479.
  • Many people have asked me why a Portrait Studio would have a photograph of a butterfly as its "tag" image. That butterfly picture was taken during hurricane Katrina while myself and my family were evacuated to Alabama (we are from New Orleans). At the time, we did not know what would become of our former home, and I found it to be very theraputic to follow this lovely little creature around for several hours photographing her and several others. I have always been very interested in nature/fine art photography so this was nothing unusual for my family, but I found a very strange peace during those hours and had already accepted that I did not care if I lost everything, as long as my family was ok. It was a life changing event for me as I am sure it was for many people, though for different reasons. In the end, we fared far better than most, we did not lose everything (we were able to fill a 5' x10' U-Haul trailer with the things we were able to save) unfortunately though we lost almost all of our family portraits and pictures from my childhood and my wifes. Those were the only things that I wanted at that point, but they were destroyed. It was at that point that I began to slide from a Nature and Fine-Art Photographer to a Portrait Photographer, I see it as my mission to provide the best possible portrait experience I can so that you can have a memory that will last a lifetime. I see my responsiblility as not just capturing those perfect smiles but more so in capturing a moment in time, that you may cherish forever.

    The Pixel Painter,